The only way to remove unwanted color after it develops, Bronze Buffer gently exfoliates the uppermost layers of skin where self-tanner results reside. Bronze Buffer can be used to refine any self-tanning lotion, mousse, gel or spray that uses DHA to darken skin color. Using Bronze Buffer is simple and easy!

  1. Start by thoroughly wetting the sponge and squeezing out excess water.
  2. GENTLY wipe away unwanted color. There’s no need to scrub or apply too much pressure. Just a few light swipes is all it takes to remove unwanted color! (We don't recommend using Bronze Buffer on the face or neck.)
  3. Rinse sponge and allow it to air-dry. Keep in mind that you will not be able to wash the brown color away.

The most common areas for self-tanner buildup are the elbows, knees and ankles. Removing excess color from these problem spots takes only a few seconds with Bronze Buffer.

Tip: Bronze Buffer’s points are designed for small spots like between the fingers and toes, and for precise removal so good color remains intact.

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