Have you tried Fake Bake yet?

My obsession with self-tanning knows no season, especially since I live in South Florida where a golden glow is a year-round accessory. Fortunately moonlighting as a beauty blogger enables my addiction, as there’s a steady flow of new products coming into my office every week. But new doesn’t always mean better, which is why I decided to introduce you to a line I fell for quite a few years ago, and with the weather warming up, you'll be happy that Fake Bake part of your life. From gradual self-tanners to intense deep tanning creams, here’s the lowdown on my faves...

Platinum Face: Apple stem cells are where it’s at for skin rejuvenation these days, and this facial lotion gives your skin a treat as it tans. We love the tinted formula that gives us instant color.


Bronze on the Glow: When time is of the essence and you just don’t have time for color to develop, this aerosol mist comes to the rescue. An instant bronzer that washes off easily, it also contains cucumber extract to hydrate the skin and antioxidant green tea to help ward off free radical damage.

Tantalizing Self-Tanning Butter: Perfect for dry legs, this super-hydrating cream is rich in skin-soothing shea butter and offers a light tan at the same time. Its sheer bronze color helps you avoid streaks and keeps legs (and anywhere else you use it) smooth and soft all day long.