How to correct common beauty mistakes

Fortunately Bronze Buffer offers a quick fix for self-tan disasters, and Miami dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann offers up these solutions for other common beauty woes in the Miami Herald...

Nobody’s perfect, and we’re all guilty of making beauty blunders on occasion. So long as they aren’t permanent (like silicone injections), here are a few easy fixes that will help you undo the boo-boos and get back on track.

Picked pimples
So you picked a pimple and now you’re left with a scab. To get healing on its way (and prevent infection) apply a topical antibiotic like Polysporin twice a day, and cover the blemish with a good concealer. I like a lightweight formula that doesn’t get cakey, such as M.A.C Select Cover –Up.

Post-waxing burns
The only thing worse than being a hairy mess is getting burned by too-hot wax—but there are a few ways to soothe the discomfort and prevent discoloration. Ask your doctor for a prescription for Xclair. (This is good to have on hand for any type of burn.) You can also break open an aloe plant and apply the gel to your burn as well. Since many skin types are prone to discoloration after burns (or other injuries) heal, make sure to apply at least SPF 30 to the affected area to prevent darkening that can be difficult to fade.

Razor burn
Men and women alike experience uncomfortable irritation after shaving (albeit in different places), but the solution is the same. Wash the affected area with a gentle anti-inflammatory cleanser and apply 2.5% cortisone to soothe the inflammation. If razor burn is a chronic problem for you, consider laser hair removal—or Tria’s at-home system—to prevent the ingrown hairs that lead to irritation.

Streaky self-tanner
Sure, some self-tanners are better than others, but the end result is highly application dependent. Unless you’re a pro (and even professional spray tans can wind up with streaks if you put your clothes on too soon), odds are you’ll end up with color somewhere you don’t want it, like on your palms. Regular self-tanning can also lead to build-up on the knees, ankles and around the feet, and I never really had an easy solution until I discovered Bronze Buffer. Simply wet these little sponges and wipe away streaks—it’s that easy.

A bad haircut
We’ve all been there, but it’s possible to decrease the time you have to live with a bad haircut. Start taking Viviscal (I sell the Professional version in my office and I think it’s more effective than the original) as soon as possible, and pick up 2.5% minoxidil at the drugstore. (It’s sold under the Rogaine brand name, but it’s available as a generic as well.) This combination treatment helps your hair grow faster.